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恒例となりながらも毎回話題を集めるmita sneakersとのコラボレーションによるスニーカー。
今回そのベースとなったのがASICS Tigerの名作と呼ばれるGEL-LYTEシリーズの中でも圧倒的な人気を誇るGEL-LYTE Ⅴ。

「きっかけはmita sneakersの国井君から次はGEL-LYTE Ⅴでやりませんか?という話を頂いたことでした。ASICS Tigerに関しては日本より海外のほうが圧倒的に人気のあるイメージでしたね」


「今までのコラボレーションスニーカーとしては珍しくWHIZ LIMITEDのシーズンとデザインをリンクさせています。黒・緑・蛍光カラーを使って、ナイトスコープから見た映像をイメージしてデザインに落とし込んでみました。ポイントとしては今シーズンのメイングラフィックであるSHEMAGH柄を使ってブランドのらしさを表現したところですね。この柄はスニーカー1足づつ生地の取り方によって見え方が全部違うという面白さも気に入っています。個人的には9分丈のパンツや、ショーツに合わせて履きたいですね」



そして今回2004年春の創刊以来、スニーカーフリークから確かな支持を集めてきた雑誌SHOES MASTERの最新号であるvol.23にて本作が表紙を飾った。

「先ほど言ったように海外で評価されて、こうしてある種逆輸入モデルのような雰囲気でまた国内でのリリースが始まったGEL-LYTE Ⅴにこのタイミングで関われたのはついていたなと思います。そしてこのタイミングでよくSHOES MASTERの表紙にしてもらえたことで、このスニーカーを世界により広く発信できましたね。国井君と話していてmita sneakersとしてあれだけスニーカーをリリースしてきたけれどSHOES MASTERの表紙になったことがなかったという感じだったので、僕らにとっても記念すべきモデルとなりました」



Although WHIZ LIMITED and mita sneakers collaboration designs are released regularly, each collaborations seems to attract attention every time. This time, GEL-LYTE V, which has overwhelming popularity in it's series, known as a master piece for ASICS Tiger, has became a base of the collaboration. Why did Hiroaki Shitano choose GEL-LYTE V from so many brands and models? Why did he give it this design? We interviewed Hiroaki.

A: " It started with comment from Mr. Kunii of mita sneakers. ""How about GEL-LYTE V next time?"". My image of ASICS Tiger was, as a popular brand in overseas."

Q: GEL-LITE V is a model which can hold design well. What is your main concern?

A: "I linked the WHIZ LIMITED season into the design this time. I seldom do it for collaborations. I put an image from a nightscope view into the design by black, green and fluorescent colors. I expressed the WHIZ LIMITED motive using this season's main graphic SHEMAGH pattern as an accent. I like this pattern because each sneakers have different impressions depending on which parts of textile are used. It's interesting. Personally, I'd like to coordinate this sneaker with 9/10 length pants or shorts."

Q: We asked him about development during production.

A: "Actually, until the final sample, I didn't use the SHEMAGH pattern. Somehow, when I saw the final sample, the idea of the SHEMASH pattern poped up in my mind. It's just sudden inspiration. Fortunately, thanks to ASSICS production speed, we could made it in time. It's a back stage story."

Q: And this time, this sneaker made the cover of SHOES MASTER magazine vol.23, which has had a huge fanbase since it was first published in spring 2004.

A: "As I said, this sneaker was regarded highly in overseas. And now, in Japan, it's rerelease started an atmosphere like reverse importation. I think I was lucky that I could take part with GEL-LYTE V at this time, and it have became a cover of SHOES MASTER. It helps dispatch this sneaker to the world. Mr. Kunii told me, they've released so many sneakers so far. But it's the first time that their sneaker made the cover of SHOES MASTER. So this collaboration became a memorable model for both of us."

This sneaker was produced with lots of thought. Please touch, wear, and feel it's degrees of perfection.